Extending Encountra

Application Development

Encountra is not only a world class content management system, it is also a complete framework for application development. When you commence development of an application under Encountra much of the ahsr dwork is already done for you. This includes user security, menu management, content management, form development and data submission, AJAX and server side communication libraries. We can build these from scratch to your requirements or build on something we have already done.

We have already developed a number of applications using the platform:

  • Help desk and support system.
  • Licencing module and integrated payments module.
  • Contact management and sales lead tracking.
  • Dealer management and referrals system.
  • Recipes, ingredients and costing system.
  • Meeting and resource booking system.
  • Online product documentation and help system.
  • Vacancy alert and recruitment management
  • Health and safety (OSH) and incident reporting
  • Timesheet recording and project management
  • Company policies and procedures system with approval and employee sign-off.
  • and many more...

Third Party Integration

The platform also supports integration with many third-party components. In many cases we are alble to support these components by inserting them directly into the content managment system. In other cases we can write funcitonality to provide the integration. The following is a list of applications we already support:

  • Flash XML driven page turning software (similar to a PDF online)
  • Flash XML driven slideshows
  • Flash XML driven image galleries
  • HMTL Editor
  • Social Networking Interfaces
  • and others...

Systems Integration

Where required the system can also be paired with your back-end systems to provide seamless integration between the web and your internal business systems. This may include functionality such as:

  • Product catalogue import
  • Image conversion
  • Order processing
  • Timesheet integration
  • Support call integration
  • and others which you may need...
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Did You Know...

Encountra supports four levels of visitor tracking and analysis. At its simplest level this provides an audit trail for visitors logging in to members sections and the administration console. As Encountra sites run under Microsoft IIS you can also use any third party product which examines the IIS traffic logs. In addition...

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