On-Site Advertising

Encountra provides an onsite advertising module which allows you to set up both internal and external banner advertising. A customer testimonials module is also available. Each of these allows you to create groups and then to pull a random item from a group as each page is displayed. Randomly generating this content also serves to alert search engines that the site changes often.

Banner Advertising

The banner advertising module allows you to create banner groups and assign banners to those groups. Each banner allows you to specify a description, the company who the banner is for, the media type, the file to display, and the pages (internal or external) to which it will link. The media types currently support staic images, animated gifs, flash and quick time movies. You can create others if you wish. As each banner is randomly shown and/or clicked a running total of show vs click is kept to allow you to measure effectiveness, or on charge the advertising companies. This site features a banner at the top of the site. It is largely used for announcements.

Customer Testimonials

The customer testimonials module allows you to create a customer testimonial and assign it to a group similarly to the banners. Customer testimonials are randomly displayed when each page containing the testimonial is refreshed or navigated to. Each testimonial can link to an article or content of your choosing. In this site we feature customer testimonials in the box labelled 'overheard'.

Hot Tips

The customer testimonials module can also be used to generate random hot tips. In this site the testimonial module is also used to show the text in the 'Did you know' box, and then provide a link back to the appropriate article.

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