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Encountra features a powerful email marketing support module. It allows you to create and send emails to registered users who have subscribed to publications which you may have set up.


Members can be invited to register on your site. You may provide a free subscription level with some benefits. This then allows those members to subscribe to publications which you may have set up. Multiple subscriptions can be set up for different user groups so you can provide a range of these to different target audiences. Each member can opt in or out of any available subscription.


The newsletter editor allows you to create newsletters and assign them to certain subscriptions. A newsletter is normally made out of some introductory blurb and a number of teaser paragraphs, headings and/or images which link back to certain articles within your site. When you publish the newsletter HTML and Plain text versions are sent out to the subscribed members. Special links within the newsletter body allow you to track which articles users have clicked on to visit your site.


Various lists of members (all, subscribed etc) can be downloaded from the site in CSV format for use in external mailing programs (email or paper based mail) if required. You can also download the tracking statistics for members clicking on newsletter articles, This can then be analysed in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

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