Advanced Articles

Articles in the content management system can be extended well beyond the simple editing of the actual content. A number of different options are available:

Related Articles

A list of related articles can be speficified against the article you are editing. Your site can then feature a related section showing a list of the related articles.

Site Sections

When specific sections of the site have been set up, such as 'Hot' or 'Featured' items, these are made available in the article editor to allow you to make your article to appear in those sections.


When specific feeds are created these can also show up in the article editor. An article can be added to a feed simply by ticking the feed that in which you want to include it.


Articles can be tagged to one or more security groups so that they will only show up for those groups. This allows you to create member's only content.


An article can be flagged to allow ratings. If this functionality has been included in your site, these articles will allow the visitor to apply a rating out of 1 to 5. If no ratings have been made the visitor can be invited to be the first. The cumulative rating is displayed next to the article.


An article can also be flagged to allow comments. If this functionality is enabled the visitor can comment on the article. If no comments have been made the visitor can be invited to comment. a summary of comments can be shown alonside the article and when the user clicks on these a page can be displayed with all of the comments.

Social Network Integration

If the social network integration functionality has been included you can flag articles to provide links to social networking and bookmark or news sites. A list of available sites can be set up in the management console. For more information click here

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Did You Know...

The latest version of Encountra provides addtional support for social network integration. Your content can be submitted to bookmarking sites, such as del.icio.us, Facebook, Twitter and you can also provide links to allow your visitors to follow or subscribe to those same services.

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