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Flashpoint grew from a number of channels incorporating a software house and a number of independent 'specialists' in marketing, sales and business management. We have all come together as one and are here to provide the absolute best in 'online solutions'.
Our aim is to help you make your information work for you, your customers, and your business partners. The information age is now firmly upon us and brings the ultimate in information provision.
Today the web is an integral part of the business world and is a primary focus of ours. Should you have a requirement for an intranet, extranet or an online conversion from a legacy system, we can analyse your requirements, provide concepts, ideas and analysis as needed and tailor a solution for today's information age. If you wish your solution to integrate with existing systems we are well versed in providing data transfer and sharing services.
We have literally provided hundreds of other solutions to businesses over the past few years. These applications include accounting, e-commerce, business to business, marketing, production, stock control, product tracking, freight forwarding, time tracking, project management, call centre management, statistics reporting, and survey data collection and are found in a variety of environments including desktop, intranet and the world wide web.
On-line presence generation, strategic marketing, campaign advertising and targeted information provision are only a phone call away.
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Our team of professional programmers and software designers is highly versatile, with a wide range of experience and interests. They have unparalleled experience in developing successful and robust software applications. A key element in this success has been our adoption of full user involvement, where users are involved at all stages in a system's creation.

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